October 9, 2020

It has become clear, even more so in recent days with the sudden shutdown of hockey again in some markets, that the smell of the rink, the sound of the cut of first ice, the chatter of the young women who play our game is something we ought not to take for granted. What we, at WickFest also know is that the other thing we don’t take for granted is committed, loyal sponsors who are there to cheer you on for the biggest wins, but will also walk with us in the toughest times.

Thanks to a few of those dedicated alumni, we are able to offer a version of WickFest this year that, while not live in a rink, we hope will still bring young women together from across the world and a smile to your face.

One of the core values we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts at Canadian Tire WickFest Fuelled by Gatorade, has always been that what happens off the ice is equally, if not more important than what happens on the ice. So, this year, we have the opportunity to really showcase that component.

There will be no traditional WickFest in the 2020/21 season. No sanctioned tournament, no games, no scoresheets, no refs and no timekeepers, but we will have the gathering, the comradery, and the learning opportunities that are so much a part of what the soul of WickFest really is.

In the coming weeks, along with our partners and team members – Canadian Tire, Gatorade, City of Surrey and Sport Surrey we will be announcing a line-up of speakers who will do a series of online hangouts/an online conference of sorts with girls and teams from around the world. We hesitate to call it a “conference,” because how boring does that sound to a 12-year-old girl? So, these “hangout” sessions will take place over the course of two days November 28th and 29th.


The groups in the sessions will be small, but the personalities of our presenters will be BIG! We will cover all kinds of topics, as always, but this year you can expect a few “surprise drop-ins” and some topics specifically related to these crazy times. The agenda will be released approximately October 30th. Registration will open the day the line-up is announced. Registration will be $45/per person or $450 for a team of up to 20, to attend ALL sessions and you’ll receive some swag (because isn’t that half the fun of a conference, errrr… I mean hangout) and some great surprises along the way.

We will also be announcing some opportunities for you and your team to be one of 4 teams to win the opportunity to be on-ice (socially-distanced of course) with me. That will be my favourite part, for sure.

We’re excited to bring this opportunity to our beloved players and hope you’re equally excited to get something a little different out of Canadian Tire WickFest, Fuelled by Gatorade this year!

p.s. Watch for some great 2020/21 merch that is a sign of our times 😉