Registration for Accepted Teams

We have received over 220 applications for 100 spots in Calgary, therefore Calgary applications are closed.

We have received over 100 applications for spots in Surrey. Pre-applications are still being accepted here!

WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (for Calgary). If you believe you are a special circumstance, please email to explain (ie. an out of country team, a team from the USA, a team from Eastern Canada, a team who will give us millions of dollars - okay, that last one was a joke.... mostly. ;))

We will be reviewing CALGARY applications from August 6 through September 30th and you will receive notification of acceptance. Teams from furthest away from the destination will receive notification of acceptance as early as possible to allow for travel planning.

Teams who applied to SURREY will begin receiving notification of acceptance in mid-October through beginning of November.

The person who submitted the original application will receive an email (PLEASE WATCH YOUR JUNK MAIL!) which will have a time limit for response and a custom link to complete a registration.


Ever Wondered How We Select Teams??

When selecting teams, we consider the following as a starting point. Other factors may also come into play (ie. winners of contests, etc.), but these are the primary factors.

  • How many applications we have for a given division and tier;
  • Level of competitive play between those teams;
  • Geographical interest in a division (ie. trying to break up different regions into different pools WHERE POSSIBLE based on competitive levels);
  • Date of application;
  • Previous years' team levels of respect for other teams, volunteers and staff if they are a returning team.


How Do You Select a Division at this Point in the Season?

If you registering very early in your season, consider the following:

When choosing your division, particularly if you are from out-of-province, please keep the following things in mind.

  • Elite (NOT AAA). In Alberta there is a division between AAA and Tier 1 called Elite (previous AA)
  • Tier 1 in WickFest is the equivalent to the highest level of play in the province of British Columbia and Alberta, but NOT elite or AAA. This would be higher level rep teams – usually competing in div 1, 2 and high level 3’s if there is a girls hockey league in your region or a 3/4 in an integrated system – depending on how many teams are in your region.
  • Tier 2 is somewhere between low level 2 & 3 (4/5 integrated)
  • Tier 3 is the equivalent to very low level rep team 4 & 5 (5/6/7 integrated)... or as some leagues call it house non-competitive
  • High School/Academy Team – This one is pretty self-explanatory

You likely have a good sense of where you’ll end up and we often have more than one grouping in each tier. We will do our best to tier everyone. Trust us, we want a competitive tournament as much, if not more than you do! Have you ever dealt with a bunch of grumpy hockey parents? 😉

at the start during the Nations Cup race ahead of the Viessmann Luge World Cup at the Whistler Sliding Centre in Whistler, BC, on November 28, 2018.