Calgary 2024/2025 Opens June 14th - Watch here for the link!!

How Many Games Are Guaranteed?

It's a 4 game guarantee for teams U11 and above.


How Does The U7 And U9 (Initiation & Novice) Division Work?

U9 teams pay a reduced fee of $1,200. There are no finals for U9, but they do get swag bags, etc.


What Is The Full Cost Of Registration And What Is Included?

$2,722 CDN is the cost of the festival which is a full weekend of activities.

What is provided includes: 4 games; Welcome Bag; Contesting and prizes; Free high resolution event photographs; Meet and greets; Autograph sessions; Access to Opening Party; Access to Clinics and Workshops. (Obviously space is limited by capacity of the venues in which these events take place.)

(Note, there will be a $5 commitment fee for the clinics and workshops to hold your limited spot in these sessions. This had to be instituted, as in previous years when it was completely free, so many people raced to reserve spots to highly-requested events "just in case" and then did not attend! This was frustrating for the presenters and the organizers - but even more so for the young women who missed the opportunity to attend sessions that were important to them. The commitment fee has reduced these "no-shows" by approximately 90%)