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The Canadian Tire World Female Hockey Festival has announced 2024/25 dates as follows:


2024/2025 Pre-Application/Expression of Interest OPENS JUNE 14th for Calgary. GTA event to be announced soon!

CALGARY: Nov 21-24 and Nov 28- Dec 1, 2024 @ Seven Chiefs Arena & Great Plains Arena - APPLY HERE!

Nov 21-24 - U9, U15 & U18

Nov 28 - Dec 1 - U11 & U13


SURREY: Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2025 = U9, U11, U13, U15, U18 @ SSLC & North Surrey Sport and Ice - APPLY HERE!



2023/2024 dates are:

TORONTO: April 13 & 14 = U9 - SOLD OUT!

CALGARY: Nov 23-26 and Nov 30- Dec 3, 2023 @ Seven Chiefs Arena & Great Plains Arena - SOLD OUT!

Weekend 1 = U9, U15 and U18
Weekend 2 = U11, U13

SURREY: Feb 1-4, 2024 = U9, U11, U13, U15, U18 @ SSLC & North Surrey Sport and Ice - SOLD OUT!



More events and date confirmations coming soon!

What is a "WickFest??"

WickFest is the dream come-to-life of six-time Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser. In Calgary, the event is hosted in partnership with Girls Hockey Calgary and in Surrey in partnership with The City of Surrey and alongside the Surrey Falcons. In Toronto, the event is a partnership with the Ontario Women's Hockey Association.

Canadian Tire WickFest has become a renowned world-class event, attracting national and worldwide media, teams from around the world and special guests from Olympians to NHL'ers.


Beyond the Competition

Why call it a festival?

Because players are exposed to more than just competition. Outside of the tournament and a four-game guarantee, it also includes access to:

*Workshops and Clinics*

These will be delivered throughout the weekend featuring high-profile and world-renowned coaches, athletes and experts from around the world.

Sample sessions from PREVIOUS years have included. The 2023/24 iteration will be similar, (including the active sessions which you can do as an individual or within your team cohorts). These sessions are available to players, parents, siblings and anyone who is attending WickFest as part of your team. SPACE IS LIMITED BY CAPACITY OF VENUE.

Off-Ice Training Like A Pro – a session on hockey specific off-ice training for developing players

Creating an Elite Mindset – learn how the best athletes in the world think and act forward in order to have success at all levels

Hot Stove - a roundtable discussion featuring Hayley and some very special guests

Full-Pop Footwork – learn some new footwork drills that will have you skating circles around anyone; even your own coaches!

Nutrition Tips For Athletes – learn about meals, snacks and hydration for busy schedules

Incredible Core – interactive session introducing new and challenging core exercises specifically useful for hockey

Physical Team-building – interactive session including muay thai, ping pong, etc.

A very small "commitment fee" of $4 is charged for these events only to dissuade no-show attendees who take limited spots from others and then don't show up.

Special Sessions and Events:

On-ice demo with Hayley Wickenheiser and NHL special guests (past guests include retired NHL’ers Bryan Trottier, Andrew Ference, Trevor Linden, Mason Raymon and Brendan Morrison)

Opening Reception and Party for players, coaches and parents featuring high-profile special guests (past guests include Country music superstar Dean Brody, Natalie Spooner, Meaghan Mikkelson, Kyle Shewfelt, Erica Wiebe, Stephanie Labbé and international dignitaries), entertainers, sports personalities and guest Olympians. SPACE IS LIMITED BY CAPACITY OF VENUE. No Opening Party in Toronto in for April 2023 event due to lack of venue availability.

General Event Schedule of a standard WickFest

Thursday Night - Opening Party (6:00pm - 8:00pm) - no games

Friday All Day - Games (6:30am - 11:00pm) + clinics and workshops + vendor showcase + special events + guests appearances

Saturday All Day - Games (6:30am - 11:00pm) + clinics and workshops + vendor showcase + special events + guests appearances

Sunday All Day - Games & Finals (6:30am - most games over by 8pm)

SPECIAL Events/Services

  • U11/U13 Skills Development on-ice
  • U15/U18 Skills Development on-ice
  • Professional / Elite-level Women's Hockey Showcase/Games - TBD
  • Autograph/Meet&Greet Sessions
  • On-site medical care (ambulance and paramedics)
  • On-site complimentary athletic therapist care
  • Initiation Showcase hosted by Minor Hockey

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Check out the FAQ's here!

What People are saying about WickFest

"Fun and a total, complete experience for the young ladies. Great off-ice seminars and activities." - Nicky Kay

"We travelled from Victoria to attend. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish for our Bantam A girls!!! From meeting Hayley and learning about her experiences to playing teams from other provinces and participating in some of the amazing other activities it was all in all just awesome!" - Jessica Conley-Svienson

"Truly a celebration of female sport and hockey, like no other!" - Jason Duke