What are the Covid-19 Rules in Surrey?

The following applies to all PLAYERS, SPECTATORS, COACHES, PARENTS, etc.

“Proof of vaccination is required when participating in City of Surrey recreation and culture programs, in accordance with the Provincial Health Order.

Patrons 12 years and older are required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated with two doses. Patrons 19 and older must also provide government issued photo ID. Youth aged 12 to 18 can carry their BC Vaccine card, or have a trusted adult carry it for them. Youth are not required to show valid government photo ID.

Starting October 24, 2021, patrons 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated with two doses. Only the BC Vaccine card and government issued photo ID will be accepted as proof."

How many games are guaranteed?

It's a 4 game guarantee for teams Atom and above.

How does the Novice division work?

Novice teams pay a reduced fee of $850 and get a minimum of two games each. Novice players and parents are able to take part in ALL other activities of the weekend such as the parties, the clinics and workshops, etc. They will also receive a medal for their participation.


What is the full cost of registration and what is included?

$1,999 CDN is the cost of the festival.

What is provided includes: 4 games; Welcome Bag; Contesting and prizes; No-Charge Athletic Therapist; Limited physician coverage; Paramedics at every game; Free high resolution event photographs; Meet and greets; Autograph sessions; Opening Party; Clinics and Workshops; Parent Lounge and Recharge Station; FREE registration in the online WickFest hangouts later this year.


(Note, there will be a $3 commitment fee for the clinics and workshops to hold your limited spot in these sessions. This had to be instituted, as in previous years when it was completely free, so many people raced to reserve spots to highly-requested events "just in case" and then did not attend! This was frustrating for the presenters and the organizers - but even more so for the young women who missed the opportunity to attend sessions that were important to them. The commitment fee has reduced these "no-shows" by approximately 90%)


Can an individual player take part in the event?

YES! While we don't have a way for an individual player to join an existing team, as this is a sanctioned event, we do host individual on-ice clinics hosted by the best-of-the-best coaches in the biz. When a player who plays on a co-ed team, plays on a team whose team has decided not to travel to WickFest, plays on a rural area where there isn't a full female team or for ANY OTHER REASON AT ALL wants to take part in WickFest - we will ensure they are included. This is how we do it. If a player takes part in these sessions, they are eligible to take part in ALL OTHER events during the weekend - from the Opening Party to the clinics and workshops, meet and greets and more. Details regarding registering for these sessions will be live in December, but Save the Date Feb 3-6th, 2022.


What Covid Protocols are in place?

Covid protocols will be updated closer to the event based on provincial guidelines, however there will be fairly stringent guidelines in place. (Here's hoping kids will have had the opportunity to be vaccinated by then!) We have preliminarily looked at more staggered start times to allow for dressing room cleaning, sanitization stations, reducing the number of people permitted in our workshops/clinics to allow for spacing. Also, as of Sept 10th will require masks except in the playing zone. Please note, this is all as of September 10th. The situation is ever-evolving.


Is there an official hotel where the teams are required to stay?

We are a stay-to-play event, but have multiple hotels to choose from with various rates and room styles (family-style, kitchenettes, QQ, Kings, etc.) Rates are being confirmed at this time but start around $139. If our hotels don't have what you need (ie. we are out of QQ rooms) we do permit you to stay at alternate properties, as long as you inform us PRIOR to booking. We contract ALL hotels in Surrey and a couple in Langley, so you should have a good selection. 🙂


The hotels and local restaurants will also offer team meal options.


Will there be event souvenirs available for the players ? (Ie. clothing, bags, etc.) 

THERE SURE ARE! Some will be available for customization in advance with your team name/player name and some will be available on-site.


At which Surrey arenas will the event take place? 

Games will be played at the gorgeous brand new Surrey Sport and Ice Complex (https://www.surrey.ca/parks-recreation/recreation-facilities/north-surrey-sport-ice-complex) and Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex (https://www.surrey.ca/parks-recreation/recreation-facilities/surrey-sport-leisure-complex).


Is there an official bus company in Surrey that can be utilized by our of town teams for local ground travel?

We will have a couple of recommendations for you. This information is to come. In addition, other Surrey and Greater Vancouver Area tourism opportunities will be provided to our teams at discounted rates. Make the most of your time in the area!