WickFest 2022** Postponed (see note below)

Learn what it's all about and why WickFest more than a female hockey tournament!


It is with a broken heart that we are forced to again postpone WickFest Surrey 2022.


When we opened registration in September it was with an abundance of hope.


An abundance of hope, slowly turned an abundance of caution as rumours of a new variant began to surface and we opted not to collect any further fees until we were certain the event would proceed as planned.


An abundance of caution was forced to become an abundance of patience as we all tried to outwait this new variant’s effects, Christmas holidays of funders, BC Highway closures and emergency orders indicating no tournaments can take place in BC until a minimum of January 31st.


Unfortunately, after much consideration and heart-wrench, we have determined any upcoming announcements (ie. the Jan 18th BC Health announcement), adjustments or timelines do not give us enough of a runway to organize and host a WickFest event on Feb. 3, even if it was permitted. As such, we expect any postponed event would be pushed into Fall timelines, which are yet to be determined, and would be developed in consultation with our partners, sponsors, teams, governing bodies and of course, other events in the area.


While the refund policy outlined in your initial application still applies, please watch your email for the next 30 days for information on any additional refunds or credits that we may be able to implement based on particular grantors intentions for funds provided, given the situation.


Thank you so much for you patience, solidarity and kindness to us and to each other through the game of hockey!


As always, we are eternally grateful to our supportive sponsors who have been there and supported WickFest every step of this difficult journey. They have never left our side!!! Thank you in particular to Canadian Tire and Gatorade, and many others.


Ceilidh, Hayley and the WickFest Team

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